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     In 2016,  I connected with Deepak, a young man living in the slums of Dharamsala, India, with his wife Sonia and their two children Tamanna (5yrs) and Arav (1yr). Their living conditions were appalling. Tents made from bamboo and plastic. No electricity. No toilets. One tap for the entire village.

After approaching me in the street, Deepak asked if I could buy some food for his family. Some eggs, rice and milk, for which he was very grateful, but it got me thinking. There must be something I could do that would be more helpful, that could provide a more sustainable solution to their hardship. Then I had the inspiration to hold a fundraiser on my return home to London - a  'by-donation' yoga class that would raise funds to pay for schooling for Deepak's daughter, Tamanna. Deepak himself never had an education, and there's nothing he wants more than for his children to have a proper education, along with other children in his community.


It costs merely 37,000 rupees per annum to school a child in India. In GBP, this equates to £440.


After the success of my first fundraiser, I'm committed to the ongoing support of not just Tamanna, but eleven children, with the help of other yoga teachers worldwide. These children are now located in Rajasthan where they attend the leading and most reputable school in the Haryana/Punjab area.


By providing these children with a quality education I truly believe we will be ensuring them a brighter future. If you're reading this, I do hope you can support this project in whatever way you can.

Caleb Packham  

Meet the children of Academy of Hope

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