Founder of Academy of Hope


Australian born Caleb Packham founded Academy of Hope in 2016. He's an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, TV presenter and wellness coach, musician, writer, activewear model and brand ambassador based in London, UK. 

Caleb has a deep compassion for all beings and a sense of passion for our planet. With his authentic heart, he has a desire of service to spirit and pours everything into his humanitarian pursuits. 



Co-founder of Academy of Hope


Kylie Watson comes from a background in TV/ film acting and interior design. Her passions lie in the arts and philanthropic activities. We're fortunate she designed Academy of Hope's website (via, even though that's not her main gig. 

As an empath, Kylie feels deeply and has a strong sense of connection to all living things. She feels compelled to improve the lives of those in need and to help raise consciousness on this planet.


She's also a writer, artist and is currently studying holistic counselling.



Facilitator for Academy of Hope


Deepak is a husband and father of two. His daughter, Tamanna, was the first child to receive sponsorship. Tamanna now attends Sanskar International Academy thanks to Academy of Hope's sponsorship fund. 


Based in Rajasthan (India), Deepak co-ordinates our Academy of Hope students, ensuring safe transport to and from school, liaises with school staff and supervises the children's homework. He also sources potential local sponsorship candidates, connects us with them and updates us on the children's progress. If you wish to meet your sponsor child in person, Deepak will co-ordinate this and arrange a tour of the children's boarding facilities and school.




Facilitator for Academy of Hope


Vicky is Deepak's younger brother and together they are our Indian contingency to ensure smooth operations between the Academy of Hope and those on the ground in India.  Having a good command of the English language, we can count on Vicky for clear communication and translations.


Vicky shares his time between Rajasthan and Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh.


He is a trekking guide in the Himalayas. Check out his Facebook page for details.



Graphic Designer for Academy of Hope


Andy created the fabulously vibrant and eye-catching Academy of Hope branding. And we just love it!

Residing in London, Andy operates his own graphic design studio. This is his creative calling and we can see why.

To check out more of Andy's incredible portfolio, click the link below.



Filmmaker / Stills photographer (India) for Academy of Hope


Prasanna Ghag of Red String Films proudly jumped on board to film our first ever short documentary film of the children and the incredible images you see on our website and social pages. As a debut project for Red String Films, Prasanna (and Kabir Singh) were delighted to share in such a meaningful and impactful mission. 

To keep an eye on their amazing work, check out Red String Films here






Digital Activism Campaigner for Academy of Hope


Social media is such a huge part of any business these days. Thank goodness we found James to help us get the word out about Academy of Hope.

James manages all our social media content like instagram, facebook, youtube, twitter and our email newsletters. 

James has a 'can do' positive approach to life and has built up a successful coffee bar and roastery in London through resilience, grit and drive. We love this attitude.


Server Manager for Academy of Hope


As a web developer with fifteen years experience under his belt and someone with a huge heart, Mark manages all the technical backend stuff on our website, including SEO and hosting.

He does this for Academy of Hope, as well as other companies, individuals. charities/churches worldwide.

For more info, check out Mark's site. 



Join Our Team:

Volunteer Positions Available


Bilingual Liaison Manager for Academy of Hope


Are you fluent in English with excellent communication skills? Do you also speak fluent Hindi or Kangri/Pahari?

We're looking for someone who'll be able to translate and convey important details to families and the children's school, manage communication from child sponsors and donors as well as our volunteers at Academy of Hope.

If this is your field of expertise, we look forward to hearing from you to become part of our volunteer team!  
Apply here


Development Coordinator for Academy of Hope


Our goal is to develop this humble non-profit into a thriving organisation that is widely recognised and contributes a substantial amount to educating disadvantaged children.

Eventually we'll need a development coordinator - a key person for planning and executing events, keeping track of money, and coordinating volunteers and interns. If this sounds like your vocation, consider lending us your expertise to help steer us in the right direction.  Apply here




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