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Academy of Hope is a
non-profit charitable
fund to support quality 

education of under- 

privileged children in India. 

In 2016, London-based yoga teacher Caleb Packham held a fundraising yoga class to allow a young Indian girl an education. The turnout was so great, he not only raised the funds for this little girl to attend school but additional funds. He inspired other yoga teachers to hold their own fundraiser yoga class, which in turn raised enough funds to sponsor even more children!


These days, a total of fourteen children are receiving an education thanks to the support of those who've donated to the fund, child sponsors and yogis who've held similar events. 


Sanskar International Academy  where the children now attend, is the leading, most reputable school in the Haryana/Punjab region of Rajasthan in India. 


Funds raised are transferred directly to the school, with a small percentage allocated to minor administration or marketing costs. Extra tuition is provided for those students who need it. Any surplus revenue is used to achieve our mission. 


As of 2021, the total annual cost per child for schooling (including tuition, books, stationery, uniforms, transport) is £440.


It's our dream to continue to raise enough funds to see these eleven children right through their school life. And to offer many more impoverished children the same opportunity. 


    Meet the children  now attending school thanks to those who've contributed to the Academy of Hope fund.


◎    If you're a yogi and would like to host a fundraising event  please get in touch with us.


◎   Make a  one-off donation


◎    Sponsor a child  for the entire duration of their schooling life.


◎   Volunteer your skills  if you're a  social media guru, illustrator/ graphic designer, web designer, filmmaker, bilingual liaison manager (English and Hindi), development manager... we need your help!

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