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What does child sponsorship include?

Your sponsorship provides the necessary funds for a child's tuition, uniform, shoes, school bag, books, stationary, transport, accomodation, supervision and homework club, every year, until the child completes high-school.

School dates and fees 

School year commences 1st March. Sponsorship fees are required in advance. However, if you would like to sponsor a child after this date, please contact us

We understand your financial situation may change in future. As such, if you are unable to renew your sponsorship for any reason, please notify us (at least 6 weeks prior to start of the school year), so we can find an alternative for your sponsor child. 

The annual sponsorship fee is £440 (2021) per child. Should this amount change, you'll be notified when your renewal payment is due.

Skype your sponsor child


Academy of Hope enables personal contact with your sponsor child via FaceTime, to offer you a more connected experience as a valued sponsor.

Deepak and Vicky are Academy of Hope's 'Indian Correspondents' who will arrange a suitable time to FaceTime your sponsor child. They'll also do their best to translate Hindi to English, should the child be limited.


Meet your sponsor child in India


If you wish to travel to India to meet your sponsor child, Academy of Hope can arrange Vicky or Deepak to meet you in Dehli and accompany you to Hanumangarh (Rajasthan), the village where the children lodge and attend school. 


In addition, they can arrange a tour of the school, Sanskar International, to meet with the school principal or teachers and arrange comfortable accommodation nearby. 





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