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Two Academy of Hope Students Hospitalised with Serious Injuries and Driver of Tuk Tuk Dies After Col

Each morning, our Academy of Hope sponsor children aboard a basic, open-aired tuk tuk to travel to school. Sadly, just a few mornings after Caleb's departure from the village to meet with the children, a bus (pictured below) collided with the children's transport. The tuk tuk rolled three times until it came to a halt. Two of the children, Gojam (left) and Karan (right), were badly injured and taken to hospital. The other children escaped with minor injuries. The driver of the tuk tuk tragically lost his life, leaving behind a wife and two children. No-one was injured on the bus.

All children have since made a full recovery and have returned to school. We are deeply grateful the children's lives were spared. We send our deepest condolences to the tuk tuk's family.


To help avoid such a tragedy in future, Academy of Hope aims to purchase a private school bus - with seatbelts - to safely transport the children to and from school. With your generous donations, we can make it happen!

Please consider donating now, by clicking here - Namaste!

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