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Visit to Rajasthan to meet with the children

With a talented cameraman in tow (thanks Prasanna Gagh and Kabir Singh from Red String Films), founder of Academy of Hope, Caleb Packham ventured across the vast landscape of North-Western India to a small industrial village in Rajasthan, called Hanumangarh. The children eagerly awaited their rare visitors.

The twelve Academy of Hope students stood in a row to capture this moment, proudly sporting their school uniforms from Sanskar International Academy, before they headed to school.

The children expressed their excitement about their progress at school and their ability to speak English. All children have performed well this year.

Some of the parents made the special trip to meet with Caleb and to express their gratitude for Academy of Hope and how positively it's affected their lives.

Touched by the power of your donations and sponsorship, some of the parents shed a quiet tear, particularly when it was time to depart Hanumangargh. Your gifts mean so much to those with so little.

After visiting the children's school and speaking with the school principal, it was for 'Homework Club'. The children spend a few hours after their school day to complete homework tasks and receiving extra tuition (if needed).

From the bottom of our hearts, Namaste for all your gifts. These twelve children now have a brighter future thanks to you. Here's hoping we can provide education and support for additional children to attend the new school year, commencing 1st March 2019.

It costs £400 per child, per year, to sponsor a child in India through Academy of Hope. If you'd like to get on board, click here for more details.

Make sure you check out our short documentary, shot on location during Caleb's visit. Coming soon...

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